Summer is finally here and the beaches here on the Massachusetts North Shore are getting packed! Many people desire some rest and relaxation time in an oceanfront property in the summer, but did you know there are year round benefits to owning a seacoast home? If you’re considering a move to coastal Massachusetts, consider these benefits of owning an oceanfront home:

1. The design and decor possibilities
The decorating potential for your beach house is endless and beyond beautiful. You can consider a nautical theme, a casual beach bum vibe, or simply use the palette of the ocean and the sky to create a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis.

2. Fresh seafood all year
This is one of the best benefits to living on the Massachusetts seacoast. Even if you’re not the type to take out your own boat and catch some lobsters yourself, you can find clam shacks and end-end seafood restaurants galore when you live in a seaside town. All year long, you’ll find the most delicious haddock, sea scallops, steamers, oysters, and Atlantic cod. Depending on the season, local fisheries may also be featuring fresh caught lobster, crab, bluefish, or shrimp.

3. Better allergies
The beach provides a natural escape from pollen, even during the height of hay fever season. Living by the sea can help with both respiratory and skin allergies. Not only does the salt water do wonders for the body by mimicking its own fluids, The ocean breeze blows away pollen and pollutants. Plus Vitamin D from the sun helps build strong bones, increases endorphins and improves your immunity, which is likely to help with allergies, too!

4. Outdoor fun for all ages
1 year olds to 100 year olds can all enjoy some fun in the sun at the beach. Whether relaxing with a good book, playing frisbee, or splashing in a tide pool, there’s always something to entertain everyone for hours. And the beach isn’t just a great place for the summer! Every season is a great season to use the openness of the seacoast for games, relaxation, and exercise.

5. Low maintenance
Because of all the outdoor living an ocean front property provides, many homeowners find they don’t need quote as much indoor space as they would in an inland home. Plus the decor and design of many beachfront properties lend themselves to a minimalist style that is easy to clean and keep up. In terms of the home’s construction and yard, most oceanfront properties need very little yard work and are built with materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.

6. There’s always something to see
Do you love to people watch? There is always something to see when you live in an oceanfront property. The people watching potentially is infinitely better than any inner city coffee shop. And even after most of the people have left the beach for the day, the wildlife is always there to entertain and amaze you.

7. Gain perspective
There’s something about the push and pull of the tides, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the vastness of the ocean blue that can put life in perspective for you. You may just find your seacoast property to be a natural source of meditation and therapy!

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