Cape Ann Communities

Cape Ann has a romance, beauty and inspiration all its own. Water has always, since before the Pilgrims, played a large part in life here. Water has carved the beautiful, complex, dramatic granite shoreline and has supplied the resources for Gloucester’s fishing industry, and Gloucester’s and Rockport’s historic and lively art colonies. And water provides the vistas, freshness and drama that are distinct to the region.

Often, in winter, it is the site of nature’s greatest fury when a storm kicks up offshore on the Stellwagen Bank, George’s Bank, or the Grand Banks beyond. In summer, it is the only place – short of a longer trip up to Maine – where respite from the “hot town, summer in the city” hazy, hot, humid weather can be found. And, its coast gives scores of new meanings to the term “just around the next bend” with its dramatic vistas, myriad rocky coves and the play of light on the water. Then there are the lobster bouys, thousands of them in myriad color combinations, each unique to a single lobsterman, dancing on the indigo and white waves…

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